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Summit Athletic Media is an award-winning creative agency specializing in sports marketing and design. Founded in 1997 by an avid rock climber and mountaineer, Summit perfectly fills a niche in the marketplace: creative services specifically for athletic teams and organizations.


By combining a passion for design and sports, Summit has become a leader in the industry, working with more than 50 different athletic organizations. We have a staff of highly-trained designers and project managers who know the athletic market inside and out. We also have the specialized equipment needed to properly design and produce cutting-edge projects of all shapes and sizes, all from within state-of-the-art offices. More importantly though, we're sensitive to the special needs of athletic teams and understand the unique demands and pressures under which these organizations operate.



Go With a Specialist.
More and more, athletic offices are overburdened with the task of putting together their own marketing and communications materials. But all too often, the resources of athletic departments are stretched too thinly to adequately handle these important projects in-house. Trying to produce effective pieces without the proper background, training or equipment is never a good idea and rarely yields favorable results.


Pass us the ball.
Summit offers a solution. Outsourcing your creative projects lets your staff focus on broader business issues while having the design and production handled by an outside expert. It is a means not only to reduce costs, but to utilize external expertise and resources, shorten the time to complete projects, and free up internal resources for core business activities.


Consider the possibilities.
Imagine your staff having the time to focus their energy and talents where needed — media, team and sponsor relations. Imagine grabbing the attention of fans, alumni, recruits and even other teams. Imagine all of your projects completed on schedule and on budget. Summit provides all of this and more.


Special teams.
By working closely with your team, we create memorable pieces that stand above the rest and increase the overall presence of your program. We become an extension of your staff, ensuring that projects are carried out on schedule and within budget. We're always just a phone call or email away.


The focus of a champion.
Planning, managing and producing effective, award-wining projects requires focus. That's why we've specialized in sports since 1997. Focusing our talents allows our staff to truly understand the special needs of your team.


Our designers come from a variety of backgrounds including athletic departments, ad agencies and print shops. Some were even college athletes. While everyone at Summit has strong artistic and technical skills, it's our shared love of sports that makes us the prefect choice to handle your team's creative materials. Contact us today for help on your next project! 



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