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In April of 2009, we moved into a brand-new, 3-story office in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte. The state-of-the-art space was custom-built to our unique specifications. Offering plenty of room to work and play, it allows us to be as creative as possible under the often stressful constraints of quick-turnarounds and deadlines. We're really proud of our space — come on in and take a tour.

The front of Summit's building with the large green space out front.

1st Floor: Command Central
This is where it all happens. The creative center of the office, most of our design and production work takes place here. Our designers work out in the open in a group setting, rather than being sequestered in private offices. This promotes the sharing of ideas which ultimately leads to better, more polished design concepts. It also means that each designer knows what's going on with ALL the active jobs in the office and not just the ones for which they're responsible; Good news for our clients who call and need something quickly.


Of course, you'll also find the ubiquitous ping pongOffice Exercise area on the first floor. What else signifies "creative space" like a tournament-quality table? Actually, the table also serves as an impromptu workspace for larger projects. Round things out with a constant stream of eclectic music and you've got a pretty comfortable spot to hang out. And on summer afternoons, we step outside to swing the golf clubs or enjoy the Cedar Walk Farmer's Market with dozens of local growers and artisans — all right in our front yard.


2nd Floor: Meet and Eat
The second floor is our shrine to AlpinismIce Axe and climbing. Showcasing personal artifacts and photographs from past adventures in the mountains, the second floor offers a quiet break from the sometimes hectic first floor. The main area is the conference room, where we meet as a staff and chat with any clients who drop by. It's also overflow production space when designers need to collaborate directly with one another.


Not far from the conference room is a full kitchen and break room. There's even a sun deck where we take full advantage of our great Charlotte weather and whip up a little Carolina BBQ. Occasionally, you'll even find us out there working on our laptops when the weather's just too nice to be inside.


3rd Floor: The Archives
The third floor is reserved for administrative offices and storage. Every job we've ever done is archived in our storage room along with samples for reference. Keeping everything on the third floor makes sure we get our exercise as we go up and down several times a day.


Take a closer look at our space by clicking on the pictures below. Better yet, stop by for a tour if you're ever in the area and see it in person. Just be ready for a quick game of ping pong! 



Contact & Address

11050 Cedar Walk Ln.

Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 704-341-8550
Fax: 704-341-8553


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