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Every teams needs a media guide but finding the time and energy to produce one is tough. Sports Information Departments are already very busy with media and team relations, yet many offices are also overburdened with the task of putting together their own guides. Assembling the historical information, updating the bios and writing the outlook is time-consuming enough, now you've got to handle the layout and make it look good? Given everything else on your plate, wouldn't it be nice to hand off the design work to an outside expert?


Summit's Guides

  • Print or online versions


  • FileSherpa™ access for uploads and proofs


  • Full guides or just covers


  • InDesign® templates with custom style sheets


  • Cost-effective per-page pricing


To Print or Not to Print

One of the largest issues facing Sports Information Directors these days is whether to print guides or deliver them electronically. Maybe money saved on printing could be put to use presenting your guides in an interactive method such as a WebGuide™ or Virtual Publication™. There are no right or wrong answers here, but Summit can help you sort it all out.



We’ve got guide production down to a science. Once you’ve gathered the information for each guide, simply email us the text files and photos and we’ll take it from there. You can even use our Client FTP (FileSherpa™) to upload your files directly to your own secure directory on our server.


We work closely with your staff to develop a theme and creative direction for each guide, then we get busy creating the cover design and the layout of the guide itself. Lastly, when we complete the production work, we provide your printer with files guaranteed to output correctly.


Bits and Pieces

Don't need an entire guide? We can design just the covers if that's all you need. We can even design a page template complete with style sheets so you can do the layout yourself. We know your plate's always full so any part that we design for you is one less part that you have to do yourself. Enjoy your free time.


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