The Arkansas fanbase’s passion, pride, and support are unmatched within collegiate athletics. The entire state unites as ONEArkansas to lift up its student-athletes across all sports who go out and compete each and every day.

Student-athletes are now able to engage in new opportunities utilizing their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) to develop their personal brands and help transform their communities for the better. ONEArkansas is a third-party limited liability company aimed at assisting Arkansas student-athletes in following their passion for supporting various nonprofits throughout the Natural State. ONEArkansas is an independent company whose mission is simple:

Assist Arkansas athletes in connecting, educating, and facilitating their charitable efforts while serving fellow Arkansans and others.

As a ONEArkansas Ambassador, student-athletes will have the opportunity to serve others in Arkansas and beyond as they impact lives in powerful and effective ways!

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With your charitable support, ONEArkansas will select and assign Ambassadors to work alongside nonprofit organizations to advance their charitable missions. ONEArkansas Ambassadors will participate in various activities, including assisting non-profit organizations’ public awareness and fundraising efforts via social media campaigns, appearances, autograph events, youth camps, and many other new and exciting opportunities!