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What We Do

Careful, strategic thinking

We help you reach fans, donors, recruits and alumni by creating materials that build excitement around your teams.

Simply put, we get butts in the seats, money in the door, recruits on the field and facilities on campus. We tell your story the way you want to tell it. We make sure your message and brand are seen and understood by the most important people out there. We make you look good when you didn't think you could look any better. We design dynamic, engaging materials that leave lasting impressions and inspire action.

We get butts in the seats, money in the door, recruits on the field and facilities on campus.

Our areas of expertise include:

Strategic Planning
Project Management
Digital Platforms
Marketing Plans
Tracking & Analytics
Brand Development
Campaign Development
User Experience
Social Media Strategy

Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Web Development
Video Production
3D Graphics
Motion Graphics

Go with a Specialist

More and more, athletic offices are overburdened with the task of putting together their own marketing and communications materials. But all too often, the resources of athletic departments are stretched too thinly to adequately handle these important projects in-house. Trying to produce effective pieces without the proper background, training or equipment is never a good idea and rarely yields favorable results.

Pass us the Ball

Summit offers a solution. Outsourcing your creative projects lets your staff focus on broader business issues while having the design and production handled by an outside expert. It is a means not only to reduce costs, but to utilize external expertise and resources, shorten the time to complete projects, and free up internal resources for core business activities.

Imagine your staff having the time to focus their energy and talents where needed — media, team and sponsor relations. Imagine grabbing the attention of fans, alumni, recruits and even other teams. Imagine all of your projects completed on schedule and on budget. Summit provides all of this and more.




Posters, Schedule Cards, Recruiting Guides, Brochures, Advertisements, Banners, Signage, Infographics, Promotional Items


Game Programs, Fan Guides, Media Guides, Magazines, Annual Reports, Catalogs


Primary Team Marks, Tertiary Marks, Event Logos, Mascot Logos


Fundraising Sites
Campaign Sites
Recruiting Sites
Mobile Apps


Team Intros
Highlight Reels
3D Animations


What do YOU do?

No matter what department you work in, we've got solutions for you.

Marketing Departments are the face of the program. You need materials that stand out and make an impact. We can help you design and produce projects of all kinds including:

Schedule Cards
Recruiting Guides
Promotional Items

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Empower your development staff with the tools they need: printed collateral, campaign/donor websites, and informational videos that speak to your current goals and supplement your message. Ensure that your current and future donors are aware of the need, the goal, and how they can help!

Membership Guides
Fundraising Websites
Email Graphics
Social Media Templates
Sport-Specific Collateral
Informational Videos and Commercials

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Send us the content and let us design your media guide, game programs, annual reports, and recruiting materials.

Worried about the web? We can turn your traditionally printed projects into a FlipGuide™ or WebGuide™ to improve the experience and provide you with social media templates to engage on the web. Infographics, Score Updates, Special Announcements…anything that you can imagine!

Game Programs
Fan Guides
Media Guides
Social Media Templates
Recruiting Websites

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Whether your goal is to simply improve the look-and-feel of your ticket stock or revamp the entire ticket-buying experience (in-person or online), we can help!

Make sure that ticket buyers value their tickets by making a great first impression with your ticket collateral. Brochures, Renewal Forms, and Ticket Stock - reinforce the pride in your program throughout each stage of the buying process!

Ticket Stock
Season Ticket Books
Ticket Brochures
Renewal Forms
Email Graphics
Ticket Microsites

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The Process

It's easy to work with Summit.

Whether it's print, web, or video, your project follows the same simple workflow from start to finish.

We're here to make your life easier. Whether you have fundraising, marketing, or recruiting goals, we can help you reach them in the most efficient way possible. Save money. Save time. Save effort.

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