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Texas State Bobcat Club Collateral


Working with What You've Got

Our relationship with the Texas State Bobcat Club has evolved quite a bit over the years and so has our work! One of the first projects that they reached out to us for was the creation of a new commercial to air during Football games. Rather than head to San Marcos and capture footage for the video, we worked with existing footage from a related shoot earlier in the year. This allowed us to keep the costs much lower and expedite the post-production process.

This powerful message from the student-athletes showcases the work that is put in during times in which there are no fans watching. It embodies the support that student-athletes require to succeed on the field of play and in the classroom and concludes with a strong call-to-action from our friends at the Bobcat Club.

The video has been a tremendous asset to the Bobcat Club's ever-growing arsenal of collateral to promote their efforts.


Texas State


Marketing, Branding, Video


Graphic Design, Web Design


Building a New Society

Because of the success of our video project, the folks at the Bobcat Club had a new challenge: creating marks for each of their brand-new giving societies, the Founders Society, Oak & Cypress Society, Victory Star Society, and the Old Main Society.

Each one carries significant impact and history inside the Bobcat community, so we dove in.

We read up on the history of the university and the landmarks that define the Texas State experience. It was vital that these marks resonate with those who view Bobcat Athletics as a significant part of who they are. After hours of research and countless sketches, we landed on four logos that can be used across any medium.

Thankfully all that research was put to good use on subsequent projects!


A Full-Service Staff

Our designs didn't just extend to all the marketing collateral, we created all the ticket stock, ticket brochures, flyers, etc. for the ticket office and even developed the go-to location on the web for Aggies Unlimited, the fundraising arm of Utah State Athletics. kicked off a rebrand of sorts for the department. Previously known as the Big Blue Scholarship Fund, we were able to use the website as the main vehicle to showcase the staff's mission, membership benefits, and help them make the push to 2,000 members.

Regardless of what arose during the season, we had our friends at Utah State covered.

We had the photography to cover new projects of any medium and provide them with templates to ensure that their social media accounts all reflect a unified look-and-feel. Our team became their team and we effectively became their in-house staff.

We couldn't be happier to be part of the team.